We are thrilled to be taking over the Cliff's Edge Inn. We want to share some of our vision here on our new website as we start this chapter in the Inn's long history.



The first time I came over the Wet Mountains and saw the Sangre de Christo’s, I was struck by this incredible feeling of being home. Even though I had never been here before!  So, I don’t feel as if I chose Westcliffe, as much as I feel like Westcliffe chose me. From that moment on, things just fell into place, and in just a little over 3 months, I had relocated here. 

That same sense of belonging also extends to the community here. I have spent the last 20 years of my life living in various forms of intentional community, and Westcliffe has a similar feel.  People here are independent by nature, yet because we have all chosen to live in a way that involves a direct relationship to our natural surroundings, there is also an interdependence and sense of connectedness that comes from that shared experience.

My dream for the Inn is that it be a place for people to experience a deep tranquility of the soul, fueled by the majesty and magic of their surroundings. I hope that every single person who walks through these doors connects with the awe-inspiring, humbling beauty of this place, which now, in turn, also includes them too.



I have been looking for my "next adventure" for some time now, and finding this home in Westcliffe has been the perfect fit. I grew up in a small town and have missed that sense of knowing your neighbors and relating to your surroundings in that intimate, personable kind of way. I love getting to know people and feeling part of my community. I want to build something new between the town, the Inn, and us as Inn owners. This is a place I am choosing as my home.

We are inheriting this space of such incredible beauty from the previous owners, Bob and Kathy. They made this beautiful building into such a place of welcome and refuge. I want to build on that and to maintain their vision while creating something of our own--honoring what they have done while shaping our own space in the community.

I want people to come here and to feel welcomed and inspired and creative. I want to inspire a sense of ease. What I feel in this place is expansion and a release of tension: the mountains are so uplifting and the people are so kind and interesting. As is so often the case, a small town like this means so much is happening, just on a different scale and pace. I want to invite people to slow down and enjoy the many simple delights around them: the scale of the mountains, the clarity of stars at night, the beauty of the local crafts and art, and the simplicity of welcome and rest.

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