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When I moved to Westcliffe in November, I reckoned that a few new adventures were in store for me…as even my journey TO Westcliffe was an unanticipated, surreal event which basically unfolded day by day before me. Much of this miraculous unfolding was due to the help of my wonderful, much-loved, crazy group of friends who held my hand and guided and directed and advised me every step of the way. I love them, I trust them, my life is immensely rich because of them.

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However this group of friends, who have been unwaveringly spot-on up until this point, now seem to have collectively lost their minds. They are now recommending that Jeri and I each BLOG, letting our “unique voices” shine through.  REALLY? Me?!  Blog?  HA! What these very sweet, well intentioned, yet obviously delusional friends fail to realize, is that the very first thing my “unique voice” wants to tell them is not only NOT unique, it is also not fit for print.  Especially in a public forum. (Ever notice that BLOG is a four letter word?  No coincidence, that…)

However, simply out of respect and gratitude for everything these wonderful people have given, I felt I had to at least give it a shot. And I must admit that once I started writing, I became quite excited by it!  As I soon realized that my unique voice can use this first blog as an opportunity to lower expectations (aka.. get out of ) any future blogging!

So here you go:  My unique voice wants to tell you that it doesn’t speak blog, and you won’t be hearing much from me. HA!  HA!

Fortunately, Jeri, my business partner, takes to blogging like a fish to water, so she was overjoyed at the idea. She now walks around viewing everything through blogging eyes. She sees a tumbleweed and thinks of a clever blog…... I see a tumbleweed and wonder if it is going to get caught in our fence. (it did...)

I anticipate Jeri outblogging me by a ratio of 20:1. Which is wonderful, as she has a beautiful (and unique!) blogging voice, and we are safe in her capable blogging hands. I will chime in occasionally with quick renditions of some of the Custer County Characters (CCC) who cross our paths, or the wonderful new people we are meeting (many of whom also qualify as CCC), as well as my gardening / cooking / courteous canine challenges.  Other than that though?  You will just have to come visit for more.

And as for my friends?& They were right…. Once again.

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