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If you view crossing the finish line as the measure of your life, you’re setting yourself up for a personal disaster.…. You need to honor the highs and the peaks…— you need to prepare your life for them — but recognize the fact that the preparation for those moments IS your life and, in fact, that’s the richness of your life. 
(Chris Hadfield, author of An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth)

It is a bit odd to be writing a food blog for our website when we have yet to serve a single meal to anyone other than our friends and family!  Yet according to our trusted advisors (them again!) we need to, because food is very “sexy” right now.  They also make the brilliant observation that half of Bed & Breakfast is, you know, breakfast … and therefore something that probably matters to our future guests.   

Right there with you, future guests! Truth is; it matters to us too.  

We love food.

Vegan no-bake cinnamon cheesecake with grapes. Photo by Audie Wood

Jeri and I love talking about food, shopping for it, preparing it, smelling it, sharing it and eating it. Also, for me,  it is not just about the food….it is about what happens when people come together in a beautiful, relaxing setting (a la the Sangres) with good food on the table.  Joy is felt and given, laughter and warmth abound, and miracles happen.  It is one of the true treasures in my life, and I love (LOVE) extending it to others.

So, it wasn’t as hard to convince me to write THIS blog post as it was my first one.  But then came the request for “lots of pictures please”!  And lo and behold, in typical Westcliffe fashion, (see Jeri’s recent blog), someone was right there to help. A few of the local photographers offered to come over and “shoot my food,” Which is not something that a vegan gets to say very often!  (I love that line and have crafted this entire blog around it :) ).

 (Wait a minute! What!?! Did she say vegan?!! Really? What does that mean about our breakfasts?  She won’t serve carrot sticks for breakfast will she? Rabbit food?  In horse and cattle country?  Really? ) 

Not to worry dear future guests…Your culinary experience with us will be more than just carrot sticks.  Not that there is anything wrong with carrot sticks, mind you. They are wonderful, (full of vitamin A), but let’s face it, sometimes, you just want…… more.  I am vegan, but the B & B is not. :)

Anyhow, back to the food photo shoot story. I had the real pleasure of having three of the local photographers over to take pictures of my food.  The delightful and talented Mary Chandler, Jim Gearhart, and Audie Woods  (the equally delightful and talented Sharon Langfeldt was over a few weeks earlier to take some inside shots, which you can see on our "Gallery" page). Within minutes of arriving, this generous and witty group were climbing step ladders, crouching in corners, rearranging the food, then shifting the whole operation outside, opening cabinet doors, and speaking in a secret society language (EVs, depth of field, resolution, shutter speeds, AE), and generally having fun. The results are beautiful and are posted on the food page. It was an honor to have them use my food as a their “subject”, and Jeri and I (and our web designers...) are very grateful. Once again, it highlights the warmth, kindness and generosity of the people of this beautiful little town.

So, dear future guest, rest assured!  Our goal is to have you leave here feeling nourished, body and soul. We believe in using the freshest ingredients available, local if possible, organic (as available), grass-fed beef, and so on.  But the one thing you can count on – no matter what – is that your breakfast will be a true labor of love. Promise.

 Cathy showing off her homemade Indian dinner

Cathy showing off her homemade Indian dinner